Lunch Service

The dining service of Refettorio Felix uses discarded food as a powerful tool to transform the lives of vulnerable people, with the mission of fighting food waste and challenging social inequalities.

How it Works

Each weekday, we take in-date surplus ingredients and transform them into delicious three-course lunches to nourish those living on or below the breadline. This includes rough sleepers, homeless, those with mental health issues and substance misuse issues. Talented guest chefs join our kitchen staff to help raise awareness about the potential of discarded foods. A team of dedicated volunteers serve guests at the table, reinforcing a sense of care and hospitality and allowing spontaneous conversation to flow.


Uplifting Interiors

Through thoughtful interior design, we provide a social, uplifting and dignified environment for our guests that has a visible impact on their behavioural patterns, mental health and wellbeing. We are grateful to the team at Studioilse for lending their expert skills and time to creating such a unique setting for our communal dining experience to flourish.


Making the Most of Mealtimes

Our lunch service is an important gateway to introduce our guests to other services offered by St Cuthbert’s Centre including mental health support and therapeutic activities. To find out more visit the dedicated St Cuthbert’s website.


Healthier Food Choices

Our guests have access to informal nutrition advice and healthy eating workshops themed around topics such as Mood Foods, Diabetes and Diet and Getting Your Five a Day. Through sharing food and knowledge, we can encourage our guests to make better food choices over the long-term.


Waste: what a load of rubbish!

Sustainability and zero waste is an important part of all our service, so whenever possible we avoid packaging, never bin edible food and use quality equipment and crockery – throw-away cups and plastic cutlery are a big no-no!

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