Our Staff and our Board

Our team works tirelessly to keep the doors open, the energy welcoming and the safe space for all the guests who find a refuge at Refettorio Felix at St. Cuthbert's Centre.

Our Staff




Ali Chief Executive Ali oversees all that the Charity does, including relationships with supporters and donors, whilst creating and maintaining our strategy. After gaining a degree in Psychology and serving an apprenticeship in Mental Health Care Homes, he spent the first 10 years of his career in hospitality as a Commercial Events Producer. He then moved into the charity sector firstly in events, then community engagement before management. Ali values his role at SCC mostly because of the close proximity to those that benefit and the real sense of effecting a positive difference in those lives.

Nik Head of Operations Nik manages the day to day running of the Centre including staff, volunteers, clients and all operational issues, connecting clients to all aspects of our services. Nik has trained in many different forms of therapy. In the last twenty years, he has been working with various client groups as a counsellor, 17 of which he has spent at St Cuthbert’s Centre working with vulnerable adults.

Tina Mental Health Coordinator  Tina sees clients one-to-one and oversees the development of mental health programming at the Centre. She is an MBACP (Accred) Psychotherapist with over 20 years experience in Mental Health and Homeless support. Tina appreciates the way mental health support, good food, surplus waste donations and a beautiful setting combine to create a safe, healing space for our guests. She is also passionate about how this message reaches out to a community beyond the Centre.

Natasha Manager of Communications and Development Natasha works to grow recognition of Refettorio Felix@ St. Cuthbert’s Centre around London and to keep the existing supporters aware of what’s going on at the Centre. In doing so she hopes to maintain a steady stream of support in the form of volunteers and donations. She has also helped Nik manage the Culinary Training Course which aims to offer vulnerable adults a step towards employment in the hospitality industry. Natasha is in the process of completing her MA in the Anthropology of Food. She is passionate about harnessing the power of surplus food to build community and care for vulnerable individuals.

Beyrom Support Worker & Digital Manager   Beyrom is one of our team of Support Workers and also handles our digital operations. He keeps our followers in the know via instagram about what is on the menu and what we are offering at the Centre. He holds a MSc in Nutritional Psychology and uses food to improve the wellbeing of our guests. He works to create a suitable environment where everyone can feel at ease. Beyrom loves working at the Centre, because each day poses a different challenge, where new guests, volunteers and chefs means our community evolves daily and we become stronger and better-educated as a result.

Rosie Administrator and Volunteer Coordinator   Rosie came to the Centre as a volunteer, drawn initially by the open-door philosophy. She keeps the office running by managing all the administrative work. Though much of her work is behind the scenes these days, she still has the opportunity to get to know many vulnerable adults from different backgrounds and see them through their journey of empowerment and into a better quality of life. Rosie feels strongly that everybody, no matter their background, is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect.

Clio Head Chef  Clio is a trained chef from Leith’s School of Food and Wine, and has 12 years experience working in kitchens and restaurants and all roles of hospitality.  She has experience in catering for special diets and has a qualification in Nutrition. On days when Clio has made an ice cream or cake, not a morsel or crumb comes back to the dishwasher. She enjoys the daily challenges of creating menus using surplus ingredients and loves the warm atmosphere and comfort that the Centre provides to all our regular guests.

Nassim Chef Nassim has been cooking at the Centre for 13 years. She worked in Fusebox in Borough Market before St. Cuthbert’s Centre, and before that she cooked for private parties and gave cooking lessons. Her incredible knowledge of cuisine, the community, and the kitchen have warmed the hearts of all our guests; her curries and soups are legendary. She has worked at the Centre for all these years because she loves to cook for rough sleepers and the elderly, and it gives her great satisfaction to create food from surplus.


Our Trustees:

Richard Parker (Chairman)

Fr Paul Bagott

Pat Biggers

Alan Brown

Charles Pender (Secretary)

Martin Shenfield