Our Projects

Every day of the week we have a different offering available to our guests which are designed to offer therapeutic care or steps towards employment and growth.

cooking class

The culinary trainees in our 2nd Culinary Training Course

On a weekly basis we offer our guests:


Reading Group

IT Skills

Hatha Yoga


Knitting /Make and Mend Group

Alcohol Support

Art Classes

A 7-week Culinary Training Programme

An Outreach Nurse Practitioner

Gardening (in development)

Alternative Medicine (in development)

Nutritional Workshop (in development)


Other Linked Services


The Alcohol Service

If you are a Kensington and Chelsea resident you can self refer via 0800 014 7440.

The Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service

If you would like to seek help with substance misuse issues, we can help refer you to the Kensington and Chelsea Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service. To self-refer, please contact 0330 303 8080.