Our Impact

Through breaking bread we build connections, using the act of sharing a meal to tackle issues of food waste, social isolation and food poverty.

Food Waste

In the UK alone, roughly 10 million tonnes of food are wasted every year. In 2015, UK households binned £13 billion worth of food that was perfectly edible. Our daily changing menu demonstrates the value of discarded food as we experiment in inventive ways to use every last ounce of our surplus donations.


Food Poverty

Some 8.4 million (12%) of adults living in UK households reported having insufficient food. One in four low-income families struggles to eat regularly. At Refettorio Felix, we ensure we are offering balanced and nutritious meals that will help our guests build strength and resilience to face the adversities of daily life. Alongside meals, we offer nutrition advice to arm our guests with the knowledge to make better food choices even on a low budget.


Social Inclusion

Our society can often divide us — by race, class, culture or education. But when we share a meal, something extraordinary happens. Gathered around a table together, we all become equals. By providing a community meal from surplus ingredients, our aim is not only to provide sustenance but also to use food as a tool to fight isolation on a wider scale.


I’ve been pretty solitary the last ten years. Here, I’ve met people, got to know diners… people have opened up more and seem more conversational. It really has created a buzz and sense of community spirit.

Guest at Refettorio Felix

Over our first year of running the Refettorio, we accomplished the following:

  • food_recovery


    of recovered rood

  • chefs


    Guest Chefs

  • disces


    Meals served

  • volunteer


    Volunteers sessions

When I lost my job, I was so embarrassed to come here. When you are on your uppers, and someone comes and serves you food, it’s good for the soul. It gives you hope for the future.

Guest at Refettorio Felix