Trims and Styling at the Centre

We have a new resident hairdresser! Meet Amanda, and hear all about her experience so far styling the guests at Refettorio Felix and her piano salon set-up.


Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

I am a freelance hair and make-up artist, so I do quite a lot of film. I also teach at a hair and make-up academy in Ealing, along with having my private hairdressing clients. It’s something that I’ve just never given up because I love cutting hair! So when my friend Hattie started getting involved here, I thought I’d love to come along and help.


How many times have you come?

This is only my 2nd time, but I hope I will be coming a lot more. I am just overwhelmed by how open everyone is here, and willing to tell me their story and what has happened to them. We are all so close to that point. Here by the grace of God, go I.


What does the roving salon look like?! What happens when a client comes to your chair?

I love it! The spot was set up for me last time. It’s a mirror on the piano – just about the grandest place I work! So I put my things up along the top of the piano and we make a list with a volunteer who helps me find 8 clients. It’s wonderful to experience – how the clients come and sit down, then with the power of touch and a chat, they relax. I treat them the same as I would a paying client. I don’t want to just get out my clippers and give everyone a short back and sides. An important part of doing this is to create that normality.


Have you joined us for lunch?

Yes! It’s delicious. Lovely salmon salad today and for pudding a cardamom ice cream, which was a treat.


Did you have any repeat customers?

Yes, so today’s been really fun. Even when I was outside this morning, people greeted me saying, hey, how are you? Maybe they didn’t know my name, but my list was filled quickly today with my returning clients, which was so nice. I’d really love to come back.

What I’d love to do as well, is get a bit of a team of hairdressers to come too, so that we could have a hairdressing bank. One day each week would be great!