Zero Waste Yoga Brunch

Please join us on January 12th for a zero-waste yoga brunch! All the proceeds go to Refettorio Felix.


What better way is there to spend a mid-January Saturday than an hour of vinyasa followed by a delicious and healthy brunch? Three of our supporters and friends, Lucy, Chloe and Hannah will be hosting this exciting event in our space on January 12th. Tickets are £36 and all proceeds go to Refettorio Felix.

Chloe’s business, nibs etc. upcycles juice pulp into crackers and granolas

Hannah’s business, ChickP, creates houmous from surplus ingredients

Lucy of Shake.That.Asana teaches the kind of yoga that makes you smile.

Brunch is supported by WildFizz Kombucha.


It would be great to see you there. Get your tickets here.

Please bring your own mat!