Traditional Thai Massage Workshop @ Refettorio Felix

On Thursday, July 18th from 2-3 pm Refettorio Felix will be hosting its first complementary workshop on traditional Thai massage. This holistic approach to healing the body will bring a new sense of calm to our guests.

Thai massage

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    Led by Nik Haines and Dawn Collins

    Nik, is Head of Operations at Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert’s Centre. He is an experienced bodywork therapist of more than 25 years, trained in Biodynamic massage at the Chiron Centre of Body Psychotherapy. He has also trained in Thai massage, Shiatsu and Holistic Massage and is a member of the Independent Professional Therapist International I.P.T.I. His approach is informed by time spent as a professional dancer.

    Dawn is a London based massage therapist, editor, writer and researcher. She is a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CthA), and has been a practitioner of Traditional Thai Massage and Shiatsu for over 20 years.

    Introduction to Traditional Thai Massage

    Traditional Thai massage is a healing art whose founder, Doctor Shivago, is said to have been one of the early disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha. The art is, therefore, founded on the yogic and ayurvedic principles of ancient India. The practitioner can place the body in various asana, yoga movements, during the course of a treatment, thus enabling the receiver to grow their understanding in those asana during treatment. The practitioner aims to unblock any obstacles to the freeflow of energy around the body’s energetic pathways.


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    Doctor Shivago passed on the art via a lineage of Buddhist monks who performed it in Buddhist temples and monasteries. In more recent times, a lineage of lay practitioners has emerged and the practice has spread from temple to therapy centres across the world.

    Learning some Practical Skills

    Participants will be given a brief demonstration of Thai massage for the upper body and then invited to learn these in pairs, assisted by Nik and Dawn. The aim is that everyone who attends the workshop will come away not only with a basic understanding of the lineage of Traditional Thai Massage, its theory and practice, but also able to perform basic Thai massage techniques for the neck, shoulders and arms.

    Rounding Up

    Nik will briefly outline the Vision for future therapy at the Centre and attendees will be able to ask questions and discuss their experience of the workshop.