Start Your Story Book Launch

On Tuesday, June 4th, artists, art lovers and guests will gather to celebrate the work of our Monday art workshop. Simonetta Wenkert and Camilla Marriott have led our guests in making accordion books that share their life stories; join us to see the artists' work and maybe take a print home!

Paulo Tercio – Nothing is as it seems (series)


Since the beginning of the year, on Mondays at Refettorio Felix, guests have been led by Simonetta Wenkert and Camilla Marriott in a special life book making workshop called “Here I am.”

This course is a project of Start Your Story, an organisation founded by the two Refettorio Felix volunteers.

Simonetta and Camilla provided guests the opportunity to photograph and print some of the colourful work they have already created in art sessions, and display it in handmade accordion books. Simonetta and Camilla also offer a listening ear, transcribing the stories guests  tell them in order to create a permanent record of the most important people, places and moments in their lives, and transform these into illustrated narratives.

Come see the art work on Tuesday, June 4th. Light refreshments will be available from 6:30-8:30

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