Refettorio Kitchen Whips Up 200 Extra Meals to Help Local Age UK

Regular volunteers join Sally Abé from the Harwood Arms for a second day in the kitchen to provide lunch for our guests, plus 200 extra meals for the local Age UK's over 65s

It’s day five of our new takeaway lunchbox service but the kitchen was under considerable extra pressure today. No problem! Sally Abé from the Harwood Arms was back and, with help from a crew of fabulous volunteers, an unbelievably large frittata emerged from the kitchen, along with an equally huge lemon drizzle cake with yoghurt for dessert. Both were to feed our regular clients but in addition a staggering 200 extra bags were needed to support the Age UK Kensington and Chelsea service. Age UK are hard at work providing services for the vulnerable older population in the area in conjunction with the NHS and RBKC, with Refettorio Felix designated the distribution point for Earl’s Court. If you’re over 65 and live alone (or with a partner who’s self-isolating) and you have no local support network who can help with food shopping or social contact, they’re providing food and basic essentials. From Monday, the lunch element will be cooked elsewhere but we’ll be providing cakes and biscuits going forward, but today and tomorrow the extra 200 meals will come straight from the Refetorrio kitchens. Graham and his son were back in to help with the packing and distribution and photos are courtesy of him. Asked how the service went, he said “…well, if a little chaotic at times! The food was delicious as usual”. It was a big ask but everyone rose to meet the challenge; thank you to all who helped make it happen!