Refettorio Felix Artist Spotlight: Guan

Guan, a regular for two years at Refettorio Felix, is a fixture in our art workshops. Read about his inspirations, his feelings for Refettorio Felix, and his nomination for the Cafe Art 2019 Competition Exhibition!


Our regular guest Guan is a fixture on the Refettorio Felix art scene. His talent has been applauded and noted by other guests, by Simonetta and Camilla who run the Start your Story workshop, and now it is being once more publicly recognized by Café Art in Euston through a nomination for their World Homelessness day awards ceremony. You can see the exhibition at the Hampstead School of Art (2 Penrose Gardens). Opening night is Tuesday, March 5th, where there is a private viewing from 6-8:30 pm. Café Art’s mission is to connect people affected by homelessness with the wider community through their art.

Guan does not only commit his time to the Refettorio Felix art community, but he is also responsible for its growing offers. He brought us the artist Michael Crossan, who will be adding another art day to our schedule on Wednesdays, offering our guests opportunities to work with clay amongst other media.

We sat down with Guan to ask him a few questions about his art practice and the time he spends at Refettorio Felix:


How long have you been coming to Refettorio Felix?
I’ve been coming here for nearly two years, mostly every day. It’s fantastic, the staff are so friendly, the people who come have so much in common, and the staff and volunteers understand what we’ve been through, which is a lot.

What does Refettorio Felix mean to you?

This community is so special. It is like a family now, because we see each other so often. You care for everybody. If someone doesn’t turn up, we get worried and we look after them.


Tell me a bit about this nomination you’ve received:

I sent in a drawing last year and I was exhibited at World Homeless day, so I was asked to submit for that award again. I was able to submit online, but the ceremony is at C4WS, which is a homeless charity in Kings Cross.

What does art mean to you?
It makes me feel more focused, more myself and it gives me satisfaction. Art is very therapeutic and relaxing, especially in such a nice environment. I want to explore all sorts in my art, for instance, working with clay.

What kind of art do you do here?

I did this watercolour of carrots here, and I’ve been in Simonetta and Carlotta’s Start your Story workshop where I’ve been working on an accordion book.


Stay tuned for the dates of the exhibition of the Start Your Story Workshop, and go see Guan’s work in Hampstead!