Guest chef Anna Hansen returns to Refettorio

Top chef Anna Hansen returns for a third time and enjoys it so much she's coming back every month!

It was fantastic to be able to welcome back, for a third time, internationally-renowned Chef Anna Hansen. Born in Canada to Danish, Belgian/Swiss parents and raised in New Zealand, Anna is all things fusion and her cooking blends the best of sustainable British produce with flavours and textures from all around the world. She started her cooking career at a deli in New Zealand, followed by a degree and then travel where she found herself dishwashing at the legendary French House in London. Stepping in to cover one day she was so good they offered to train her and the rest is culinary history. She’s had an impressive line-up of mentors, including Margot and Fergus Henderson and Peter Gordon, and has cooked at Green Street, The Sugar Club and The Modern Pantry. She says of her cooking: “it’s driven by the desire to please and excite the palate. My larder is global. There are no cultural or culinary borders in my kitchen”. She brought her distinctive style plus co-chef and friend Janie Fraser of Baked Salt with her and the results were both beautiful to look at and delicious to eat – roasted parsnip soup with goat’s cheese croutons, pork meatballs and peach, blackberry & strawberry crumble in case you were wondering. Luckily for us they had such a blast in the kitchen that they’ve decided to come back every month and do it again. Result!