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Prepare a Face to Meet the Faces that You Meet…

The art class perfect their mask-making skills in readiness for their exciting inaugural Art Exhibition coming up on Wednesday 8th April

Masks are intriguing things. Are they a convenient veneer offering an alternative to your true face, or does the very act of wearing one allow you the freedom to be who you really want to be? Whatever your philosophical point of view, it’s undeniable that those recently created by the Art class are truly stunning. And they’re part of the growing collection of pieces being put together in readiness for their first ever drop-in Art Exhibition. Refettorio is thrilled to be hosting this early evening event on Wednesday 8th April at 6pm with all artwork created by Refettorio clients during their weekly art classes, led by our in-house art teacher Michael Crossan. There’ll be all manner of different types of art on display, including the magnificent masks, so please do come along and admire – possibly even purchase – while enjoying a glass (or two!) of wine and a sumptuous selection of homemade canapés. We’d be delighted to see you and are really looking forward to introducing you to this talented team and their impressive body of work.