About Us

St. Cuthbert's Centre is a 30-year-old charity that was joined by Refettorio Felix in 2017 through a collaboration with Chef Massimo Bottura’s non-profit organisation Food for Soul, creating the current Refettorio Felix at St. Cuthbert’s Centre.

About the Centre

We sustain and support vulnerable people with positive and warm therapeutic services to accomplish our charity’s objectives of relieving poverty, hardship, sickness and distress. Our impact is grounded in the power of a shared meal of outstanding quality made with 100% surplus food.

We have an open-door policy; all are welcome at the Centre. Central to what we seek to provide is

  • Physical, emotional and social care
  • Hospitality and inclusion
  • Compassion and practical support
  • A renewed sense of purpose
  • Sustainability of practices and services


The Magic of Everyday at the Centre

We are a drop-in and therapeutic centre that believes in a better way to build and sustain a community of vulnerable and socially-isolated people. Our guests are often homeless and dealing with mental illness and/or substance misuse challenges when they come to us. Every weekday we offer an extremely high quality 3-course lunch made entirely from surplus food together with a plethora of services such as therapeutic counselling, stimulating courses, free laundry and showers and creative workshops to encourage a sense of purpose and self-development. We celebrate the dignity and worth of the marginalised through an empathetic approach.

Many of our guests come for lunch and then stay for the warmth, care, quality, inclusion and community that we provide.


About Food for Soul

The not-for-profit organisation Food for Soul was founded in 2016 with the aim of encouraging those from different fields, including chefs, artists, designers, and food suppliers, to collaborate in building and sustaining community projects. Aside from Refettorio Felix, its other global projects include Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janeiro and Refettorio Paris.

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About The Felix Project

Refettorio Felix has partnered with The Felix Project – an independent charity – who supply us with surplus produce including fruit, vegetables, cereals, meat and fish, dairy and herbs and spices. The Felix Project collects edible, in-date food that cannot be sold in retail and delivers it to charities so they can provide healthy meals for the most vulnerable in our society.


In a restaurant kitchen you make the same thing again and again. Here you have to think, be resourceful. We recycle what’s leftover and make it new.

Chef Clio Melvin, Refettorio Felix