About Us

Refettorio Felix was launched in London in 2017 by Chef Massimo Bottura’s non-profit organisation Food for Soul in partnership with St Cuthbert’s Centre.

About St Cuthbert’s Centre

St Cuthbert’s Centre is the proud host of Refettorio Felix. Located in Earl’s Court, it has been a charity for almost three decades, dedicated to alleviating homelessness and helping vulnerable people transform their lives. As well as providing the lunch project, St Cuthbert’s Centre offers a range of crucial services including mental health support, CV-building and job-search assistance to address underlying causes of homelessness and destitution. There are also free showers, laundry facilities, clothing resources and a programme of creative and therapeutic activities to help clients develop confidence and a sense of purpose.


About Food for Soul

The not-for-profit organisation Food for Soul was founded in 2016 with the aim of encouraging those from different fields, including chefs, artists, designers, and food suppliers, to collaborate in building and sustaining community projects. Aside from Refettorio Felix, its other global projects worldwide include Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan, Italy, Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio and Refettorio Paris in France as well as Social Tables Antoniano and Ghirlandina in Italy. Each project is shaped by the needs of the local community and develops in a sustainable and self-sufficient way.

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About The Felix Project

Refettorio Felix has partnered with The Felix Project – an independent charity – who supply us with surplus produce including fruit, vegetables, cereals, meat and fish, dairy and herbs and spices. The Felix Project collects edible, in-date food that cannot be sold in retail and delivers it to charities so they can provide healthy meals for the most vulnerable in our society. They provide food to the Refettorio from Planet Organic, Daylesford, Mash, Hello Fresh, Harrods, and Paul among others.


In a restaurant kitchen you make the same thing again and again. Here you have to think, be resourceful. We recycle what’s leftover and make it new.

Chef Clio Melvin, Refettorio Felix